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Harp / Piano Lessons


Bart is committed to providing quality teaching to all students irrespective of age or ability. 

The first harp or piano lesson is offered as a complimentary lesson. By arrangement this can take place in your own home.

After this, Harp Tidings' fees are governed and regulated by the parameters set by the Music Teachers' Association of Queensland, currently: $70 per hour lesson; $52.50 per 45 minutes or $35 per half hour. ​​​

Those without their own harp may rent a 36 string Celtic harp to help inform their decision-making. Harp rental is free for the first month, after which $20 per week is required to rent for longer periods.

Students of Harp Tidings have excelled in their AMEB harp and piano exams receiving, on average, the Grade Award of A (Honours): "The candidate demonstrates an overall superior level of achievement in meeting the syllabus objectives in all Sections, in terms of musicianship, security of technique (including intonation, tone, phrasing, articulation, rhythm), and stylistic awareness" (from AMEB guidelines for exam criteria marking).

A year at piano is normally recommended and offered to those without prior musical training. Bart is an experienced teacher of both instruments.

Most students discover piano lessons often prove more than a mere stepping stone to harp, finding therein the rewards of increased confidence, dexterity and the two hand co-ordination and musical literacy which accelerate harp learning. Also fostered through piano lessons are those more elusive virtues of patience and perseverance currently missing from our modern mindset of instant acquisition! The old adage rings true, "That which grows slowly, endures".

Some students wish to learn within a less structured, exam-free environment, but receive equal attention given to building a solid technical foundation. 

All students, when ready, receive opportunities to participate in Masterclasses with eminent visiting harpists such as Melanie Genin. They benefit from further service learning opportunities, playing at weddings, various occasions and often developing their own gig schedules and even professional careers as harpists.

Harp Tidings is always happy to address any harp-related enquiries, so feel free to contact Bart  who would be delighted to answer any questions and provide suggestions and recommendations.